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Create Custom Shoes in 3 Steps

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Choose A Shoe Style:

  • Choose from over 50 custom shoe styles
  • Each shoe style comes each gender
  • The customizable area varies per shoe
  • Many styles have black or white soles
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Upload Image & Logos

  1. Choose The Base Shoe Color
  2. Upload images, graphic, logos etc.
  3. Easily move and resize elements
  4. Upload a color square to different pieces
  5. View mockup of custom shoes in real time
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View Mockup & Buy



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AeroBlade Team

We loved working with every member of the Shoe Zero team! The shoes with our company logo helped our team stand out at our conference and everyone loved them.

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Chad - Gym Owner

Design Shoes to match your personality. ShoeZero was the perfect partner to create my own custom shoes to show off my personality.

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Savanah - Fitness Influencer

My fitness followers loved the shoes! I am seriously obsessed with the creativity this custom shoe website allows.

Customized-Dog-Shoe-Pet-Custom-Print-Picture-On-Shoe - Shoe Zero

Kim + Jocko - Dog Lover

Whoever says you can't buy love has never owned a puppy... or shoes with puppies on them! Getting custom shoes with your dogs is a must give gift!

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Own - Former Shoe Zero Skeptic

I was surprised. The quality was much higher then I expected! The best feeling is having people coming up to me in the street and asking where I got them.

Rapid Hire Pro

From all of us at Rapid Hire Pro. We wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing shoes. They were a huge hit at Pantheon 2023. So many people were asking about them. "Where did we get them? ""How did we get them done? "And of course, we sent them your way. So thank you again for the quick turnaround time. The amazing customer service, we really appreciate you guys and just want to say thanks.

Launch Your Own Custom Shoe Line with Shoe Zero

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Custom Shoes FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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