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Did you always have the dream of starting a shoe brand like Nike or Jordan, or are you currently an entrepreneur seeking a way to differentiate yourself in the competitive apparel industry? If so, it may be time to consider creating your own print shoes. With ShoeZero's print shoe partnership program, even novice entrepreneurs can break into the fashion industry with their own unique creations. Our shoe customizer feature makes it easier than ever before! You can create customized shoes, print them and sell them without the hassle of handling inventory or shipping. Keep reading to find out how starting a custom shoe brand using ShoeZero is achievable!

Why Print on Demand Shoes Makes More Profit for Your Online Business?

Print on demand is incredibly profitable for entrepreneurs because it requires no upfront investment in inventory. With print on demand, you only have to pay to produce what is ordered, meaning that you can easily scale your business with minimal financial risk. Print custom shoes are especially well-suited to a print on demand business model because they typically come with higher price tags and margins.

What is the Place of Shoes in Society?

Shoes have always been a central part of fashion and culture, from the ancient Greeks who adorned their sandals with gold, to the modern day trendsetters who use custom shoes to express themselves. Iconic brands like Nike and Jordan have become intertwined with popular culture and style, as people use them to showcase personal style.

Design Custom Printed Shoes in Three Simple Steps

ShoeZero is a top POD shoe company that provides the opportunity to create your own personalized custom shoes for free with just three easy steps.

Step 1: Choose your print shoe style

Please take a look at our product catalog and select the items that you would like to use personally or sell in your online shop. Our catalog includes a wide range of footwear, such as flip-flops, slippers, sandals, sneakers, and boots.

Step 2: Add Your Design | Add images, logos, text and other graphics to create your own shoes

Visit the free mockup generator that's free of charge and personalize your own shoes to perfection. You can switch between colors, layers, and images, add text straight onto the product, and create the ultimate custom pair for yourself or your store. Protip- to change the color of just one piece of the shoe upload a picture of a square block of that color.

Step 3: Order the created custom shoes and spread the word

After your design is finished, you can see virtual images of your personalized shoe and purchase it with ease. When you purchase at least three custom shoes, notify our team, and we'll make the designs available on our marketplace. Then, promote your individual shoe collection, and we'll handle the rest. Earn $40 per pair of custom shoes sold!

The Best Print on Demand Shoes for You and Your Business

Although fashion trends may change over time, certain types of custom shoes have remained popular as essential items in a wardrobe. You can either launch your shoe line with classic custom shoes or explore new and trendy footwear styles, such as sandals or boots, to expand your shoe line options?

Select a timeless print on demand shoes

  • The Air Force One style made popular by Nike is one of the most iconic and timeless custom shoes in the history of fashion. From their debut in 1982, this classic shoe style has been embraced by fans all around the world with its signature design and colors. The high-quality construction of the Air Force One has kept it popular even after decades.
  • The Vans Old Skool classic low top shoe has been a style staple since its debut in the late 1970s, and continues to be popular decades later due to its iconic design, comfortable fit, and wide variety of colors. The shoe's timelessness and versatility have made it a favorite among fashion-savvy individuals looking for an effortless way to express themselves.
  • The Adidas Superstar low-top custom shoe is an iconic classic sneaker that has been around for nearly 50 years and continues to be popular among fans of all ages. The shoe's distinctive shell-toe design and back heel piece allows for some unique customization options that makes it one of our top sellers.

Or Select a popular shoe design or consider adding alternative footwear such as slides or boots to expand your collection.

Custom Shoe Ideas – Designs for Everyone

It is time for you to get creative and design the perfect pair of custom shoes with your own personal touch. Thanks to our mockup generator, you can easily create print shoe designs that suit your style, personality, or business needs. Customize Shoes with Logos and Graphics. ShoeZero allows customers to upload their own company logos.

Now is the Best Time Ever to Start a Shoe Business.

There is a new generation of consumers who are seeking new custom products.

You, as a new designer, should know that limited-edition products and independent brands are sought after by millennials and teenagers who want to support emerging designers like yourself. They demand shoes to compliment their clothing year round and demand that these shoes be high quality, have breathable materials, reflect the latest styles, and deliver anywhere they want.

Traditional and well-known footwear brands are currently facing difficulties.

Older fashion and footwear brands are struggling to keep up with new markets, trends, and the internet.

Social media and e-commerce continue to grow and be even more influential.

Social media is becoming a popular platform for promoting fashion and new brands online, leading to a rapid growth of e-commerce. Meanwhile, retail is losing ground.

In Conclusion, Launching a Custom Shoe Business is an Exciting Venture That Can be Profitable and Rewarding.

With the right products and marketing strategy, you can make your mark in the fashion industry with limited-edition designs or unique logos to gain attention from millennial customers who are looking for something new. Leveraging social media as well as e-commerce platforms will help create awareness of your brand while tapping into current trends in footwear design. So if you’re ready to take on this challenge, start your online business today by creating just one print shoe.

FAQs - Starting a Footwear Line

How do you put a logo on shoes?

You can easily upload your logo to a shoe using ShoeZero's online design editor. Simply upload your logo (preferably with the background removed) and place the logo on the side, tongue, back or anywhere else on the shoe. Keep it simple or add other logos, words, and colors to make print shoes that are truly unique.

How do you transfer prints to custom shoes?

You can use the design editor on to add a print or pattern to your shoe design. Simply upload your desired print or pattern multiple times to create a unique design. The 3-D mock up feature allows you to see how the design will look in real time, giving you the opportunity to make adjustments as necessary.

Can you screen print on canvas shoes?

Shoe Zero has a wide selection of canvas custom shoes that can be screen printed with your desired design for either your shoe brand or business.

How much does it cost to have custom shoes made?

At Shoe Zero, we aim to provide more affordable print shoe options. While print custom shoes with painted designs can cost up to $500, our prices range from $100 to $150.

What companies allow you to customize shoes?

While other companies like Nike, Adidas, Vans, and Converse offer customization options like color, Shoezero allows you to add images, logos and colors all over the shoe, making them the only company to offer such a service.

How to start your own sneaker line? makes it easy to start your own sneaker line. All you need to do is design your first shoe and begin selling it without any minimum requirement, unlike other companies.

Does Nike allow customization?

Although Nike offers customization, they only allow you to choose colors. If you want to fully customize your custom shoes beyond just colors, you should visit the e-commerce store

Where can I sell my shoe designs? provides a platform for selling your shoe designs, but it's also recommended to sell them on your personal blog, online store, or other e-commerce platforms to maximize your profit.

Can I customize shoes and sell them?

You are permitted and even encouraged to sell Shoe Zero's high-quality products, including your unique pair of printed custom shoes, worldwide. You can take advantage of Shoe Zero's international shipping, so shipping and delivery should not be a concern.

How to Personalized Shoes With Name or Text

You can easily personalize your custom shoe order by adding text, such as your name, to the shoe. You can do this by either clicking on the "add text" button on or by uploading a picture of the text in your preferred font.

Is it profitable to sell shoes online?

Selling custom printed shoes online is a viable option, whether you are expanding your clothing line to include men or women or starting a new ecommerce store. Creating unique designs for sneakers is an excellent way to attract customers.

How much money can you make customizing shoes?

If you sell your custom sneakers on Shoezero, you'll earn $40 for each pair sold. However, if you sell them on your own ecommerce store, you can charge a higher price and earn more money per pair. Some designers have earned up to $400 per pair.

What is the website where you can create shoes? is the best website if you want to create truly custom shoes. If you just want to add colors then you can check out most other major brand sites.

What is it called when you design custom shoes?

Shoe design is a creative process that involves sketching out the concept, fabricating and constructing the sample, and making revisions before producing it for retail. It is typically called “footwear design” or “shoe design” and can be done by both professional designers as well as amateurs.

How do you put art on sneakers?

At Shoe Zero, we provide complete customization options for sneakers. You can upload your own artwork or logo onto our platform and choose a design template. Once you have finished designing, you can use our 3-D mock-up feature to preview your creation.

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